Oxford Healthcare Society (OHS) is a nonprofit, volunteer-based community to drive positive change within the healthcare industry at-large. At the nexus of healthcare leadership and innovation, the Oxford Healthcare Society brings together a diverse community of individuals dedicated to advancing healthcare systems. As a nonprofit, volunteer-based community, our goal is to drive positive change in healthcare, fostering collaboration among payers, providers, pharmacy professionals, entrepreneurs, investors, and everyone in between. While community membership is open to all, our Executive Committee, steering the society’s vision, is exclusively composed of dedicated Oxford alumni. We operate independently from Oxford University.


Empowering Collaboration, Inspiring Innovation.
Our mission is to cultivate a collaborative community where diverse perspectives converge to inspire innovative solutions, fostering positive transformation in healthcare systems.


A Future of Inclusive Healthcare Excellence.
We envision a future where healthcare systems continually evolve, embracing inclusivity and excellence. Through collective efforts, we aim to shape a healthcare landscape that caters to the needs of all individuals, fostering well-being and progress.

The Oxford Healthcare Society (OHS), as a nonprofit volunteer-based community, is dedicated to fostering collaborative progress within the healthcare sphere. Membership is open to all, and our Executive Committee, steering the society’s vision, comprises passionate and dedicated Oxford alumni. We aim to transcend job title, affiliation, function, location and personal political, racial, religious and other labels to unite and drive positive change within the healthcare industry at-large, together.


Established in the 12th century, Oxford University stands as one of the world’s oldest institutions, boasting a storied academic legacy encompassing the arts and sciences. Against this historical backdrop, the Oxford Healthcare Society finds its roots, emerging as a hub for interdisciplinary collaboration and drawing inspiration from the university’s tradition of academic distinction. Conceived to bridge divides within healthcare disciplines, the society embodies Oxford’s ethos of nurturing intellectual exchange and fostering innovation.

The Oxford Healthcare Society (OHS) symbol, Eirene, the Greek goddess of peace, signifies harmony and balance. In the context of healthcare, Eirene reflects our commitment to cultivating a peaceful and collaborative environment where professionals from all walks of the healthcare landscape work harmoniously to improve healthcare at-large. 

The Oxford Healthcare Society (OHS) latin motto “Vitae et Muneris Lux” translates as “The Light of Life and Duty,” this phrase embodies our dedication to illuminating the path of healthcare improvement. It signifies a commitment to the vitality of life and the responsibility we carry in shaping the future of healthcare systems. Our members embrace the light of knowledge, duty, and shared responsibility to bring about positive change.


The Oxford Healthcare Society (OHS) hosts two flagship events. Our “Intentional Networking” Salons and Small Group Dinners. Both are designed to convene action-oriented key community influencers to discuss plans to collaborate with practical and immediate followup items after each OHS event. These events were born out of frustration and burnout from all the vacuous general networking events around the world where smart and capable people talk about problems. Rather, these events were designed to convene doers who connect with other doers who take immediate action after OHS events.

About OHS “Intentional Networking” Salons

OHS Salons typically host up to 40 persons and may include a healthcare community speaker. In adherence to Chatham House rules, any insights shared by the speaker during the Salon remain confidential, fostering an environment conducive to open and honest dialogue.

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About OHS Small Group Dinners

Local OHS chapters also host up to 12 person small group dinners. These dinners aim to cultivate a personal setting, uniting action-oriented individuals to discuss collaborative plans with practical and immediate follow-up items. Inspired by the intellectual discourse during traditional formal high table dinners at Oxford University, these gatherings seek to foster meaningful conversations in a similar fashion.

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Referral-Based Membership

Become a valued member of a dedicated community shaping the future of healthcare. Joining the Oxford Healthcare Society offers exclusive access to events, resources, and a collaborative platform to celebrate your expertise in payer systems, provider networks, or entrepreneurial ventures. Membership is free, requiring referral by an existing member or affiliation with our esteemed partners – Oxford Alumni, Harvard Business School Alumni, Stanford Alumni, or MIT Alumni. Explore the advantages of belonging to a nonprofit community that thrives on collective excellence.

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Whether you’re a seasoned professional or an aspiring entrepreneur, our vibrant community welcomes you. Explore diverse avenues for engagement, from volunteering to assuming leadership roles. Your distinctive perspective and expertise play a crucial role in actively enhancing global healthcare systems. 

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